Multicultural Debating team wins prestigious tournament

Multicultural Debating team wins prestigious tournament

A multicultural team from Greenwood College, composed of students some of whom have been learning English for only three years have won the prestigious WA Schools Debating Competition in the novice division.

Indian community living in Australia ‘trebled’ in past decade

Indian migrants now make up 1.8 per cent of Australia’s population, which is the fourth-largest migrant group in the country.

Illustrated guidebooks for students in Australia

Sydney-based designer Andrew Fairclough has created beautiful guidebooks for international students studying in Australia.

Important social spaces created for international students in Brisbane

International education is Brisbane’s largest export market, and Brisbane City Council has launched an incentive scheme to attract the development of student accommodation.

High proportion of international students in Australia applied for study through agents

Benchmarking data from the Australian Universities International Directors’ Forum has indicated that approximately three quarters of international students starting university in Australia applied through an education agent.

International students who graduate in one of 21 education fields eligible for extra points

Changes to the points test have enhanced the pathway to permanent residence for international students who have completed Doctoral or Masters research-level qualifications.