Cultural Perspectives Group Wishes You a Happy Lunar New Year!

Cultural Perspectives Group today dressed up in red to celebrate the lunar new year. Falling on the 16th February, it is the first day of the Chinese lunar new year, marking a beginning of the year of dog. We all indulged in a variety of dumplings together with a number of signature Chinese dishes such as Kongpo Chicken and Sichuan Style Tofu.

‘From Robe to Chinese Fortune’ Exhibition Launches in Melbourne Immigration Museum

The Melbourne Immigration Museum has recently launched an exhibition called ‘From Robe to Chinese Fortune’ that explains the history of Chinese immigration in Australia dating back to the gold rushes in Victoria and New South Wales in 18 and showcasing the legacies of the early Chinese immigrants.

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is fast approaching. Also known as Duan Wu Festival, this is a traditional Chinese festival that commemorates the death of one of the greatest Chinese poets - Qu Yuan - and is celebrated by dragon boat racing and eating sticky rice dumplings (Zong Zi). The festival follows the Chinese lunar calendar, so the date of celebration varies year to year. This year, the Dragon Boat Festival falls on 30 May.

“Chinese Whispers and Other Stories” Photo Exhibition Explores Cultural Identity

A picture worth a thousand words. The “Chinese Whispers and Other Stories” photo exhibition at Gallery PhotoAccess at Manuka Arts Centre presents a collection of curated photo-based artworks from four Australian Chinese artists: Pia Johnson, Tammy Law, Janelle Low and Siying Zhou, telling stories from their perspective about the complex and shifting nature of cultural difference, identity and migration experiences in the cultural melting pot of Australia.

Canadian Comedian “Dashan” Joins Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017

Canadian comedian Mark Rowswell, known best as his stage name Dashan, joins the famed Melbourne International Comedy Festival this year with hilarious behind-the scenes stories of his time living and working in China and navigating Eastern and Western cultures.