Child Translators

For children of migrant parents, acting as translators is a norm that has been inculcated in them since a young age. These children are fulfilling big responsibilities from a young age, dealing with doctors to real estate agents on behalf of their parents

Multilingual signs improve safety

Multilingual signs improve safety

In Victoria, the State Government’s decision to instate multicultural signs has drastically improved the safety on the Great Ocean Road.

Mapping Sydney's Multiculturalism

The 2016 census provided by the Bureau of Statistic has revealed the multicultural makeup of Sydney’s suburbs. The data has shown that there is no Sydney suburb where no-one is born overseas

All You Need to Know About the Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi)

Have you heard about the Chinese Valentine’s Day? It’s called the Qixi Festival that celebrates romantic love in the Chinese culture. It’s on the seventh day of the seventh month on the Chinese Lunar Calendar, and the Qixi Festival falls on 28th August this year.