Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Visits Australia

Photo credit: Jason Lee, file, Reuters

Photo credit: Jason Lee, file, Reuters

From what I have been reading today, I can safely say that no news item has received more coverage in the Chinese community than the Chinese Premier’s current visit to Australia. Premier Li will land in Australia’s capital city this evening with a large group of Chinese business delegates with the aim to boost trade between China and Australia.

All my Chinese friends are sharing this news on WeChat (a Chinese mobile App). As a Chinese national living in Australia our Premier’s visit is particularly exciting. Such a trip can strengthen the ties between Chinese and Australia which will surely build a more favourable environment for the Chinese community in Australia by improving mutual understanding of two different cultures.

Apart from the economic benefit to both countries, the Premier will also be attending the Sydney Swans v Port Adelaide AFL game in Sydney this Saturday, a truly iconic Australian sport. I believe such an exposure will shine a light on the AFL, connecting the game to the Chinese community – one of the largest and most fast-growing community in Australia.  

Jie Cao – Account Manager, Cultural Perspectives